Rein 2012 Thoughts/Notes

Thursday, April 30, 2009

1H1N Flu Virus thought (Swine Flu)

Don't really want to call it swine flu since it has mixture of bird, pig and human flu but here are couple stuff that cought my attention about this flu and which may be related?

  1. UFO/Unknown Theory
    Wasn't Mexico where they found Chupacabra recently?
    Wasn't Mexico where they found the Grey alien in one of the ally where the kids were playing?
    WHAT IF?? Chupacabra OR Grey spread the virus???

  2. Government Consipiracy
    Wasn't there that one call where a lady told the media over the phone that she saw truckloads of trucks being loaded with bird flu virus and being transported...?
    WHAT IF?? this is related to this virus, this audio was released like 2 weeks before this virus story started emerging.

  3. Chem Trails
    Dunno if this has anything to do with it but chem trails are believed that it weakens the immune system.
    WHAT IF?? because of this weakened immune system our bodies can't handle the flu virus? OR maybe the chemtrails is giving more strength to the flu to be able to mutate into another form faster than scientists can find the cure?

Mehhhhh was checking out google news and just wanted to give out my thoughts on this one.
If the virus ever gets to my family or near my area, I am not planning to get a vaccine since I have a feeling something is not right about this virus.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

whats on my mind 04-29-09

About to start my meditation today... I hope I don't end up sleeping again... always end up sleeping while trying to listen to binaural or smooth meditation music... I get too relaxed...

Also need to figure out how to increase imagery/imagination/creativity wonder how thats gonna turn out... gonna try image my own hand while closing my eyes... supposed to work... we'll see.

OK finished my 1.5 hour meditation... felt tingly feeling around my body but nothing other than that. I was not able to see any image or flashes this time around.

Should note, my pendulum is telling me all my chakra's are open and spinning good, so asked Uriel to see if he can come into my dreams tonight to talk to me so I can learn more, pendulum showed yes. I hope to see him again, he was awesome/cool looking angel.

... no dreams... or don't remember about them...


Blog Started

OK starting this blog just to post my thoughts and notes from all the 2012 and other stuff I am learning right now.

Also wanted to try if I can use this site to get channeling spirit guides practice using typing to see what I can get in near future messages.

I believe in spiritual stuff, ghosts, and UFO's
As a child I swear I saw a UFO when I was living in Japan, and when my grand father passed away I swear I saw him sitting in my living room where he always sat.

Recently thanks to people around me I was introduced to a spritual medium John, and he has shown me ways to open up my chakra and be able to talk to my spirit guide.

I haven't been able to talk yet although I am told my guides are trying to talk to me and show me signs which I should be watching for but haven't been able to catch.

As I started taking lessons from John, dunno how better to say it... First time I saw a image of a guy with a armor and a white wing like angels wing, and I thought it's cuz I play too much damn video games, I'm seeing this stuff... but then two days later I was trying to do meditation and was asking inside my head what is my spirit guides name... and I swear I heard someone say "Uriel" and I was like Uriel huh? thats a nice name... the next day I was curious if wing and the name Uriel had anything to do with Angel, and I was amazed when I saw the name Uriel was for Archangel Uriel... How cool is that shit? LOL

Since then I was trying to talk more to Uriel but wasn't able to yet.

This blog will also be about my spiritual experiences I may have from now and till the future.

Now done with the long boring intro... here's my blog.