Rein 2012 Thoughts/Notes

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

chemtrails all over my place

Weird... SAT/SUN I saw more chem trails than I have ever seen. They were making criss cross  pattern in the sky and also weird I haven't seen them spraying at night like this before.

Wonder what they hiding... maybe hiding us from viewing the large blue object (mother ship) in outer space. Or maybe getting ready for phase 2 of the H1N1 virus they spraying around to get people vaccinated.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bro's wedding.

Glad my bro's wedding in Japan went well... Didn't think my video message was gonna show up on wedding... I hoped they didn't show that in the wedding....LOL  I look so ugly in the vid! I didn't even shave, my hair is all messed up... my message was so.... unprofessional... and the video... first time me doing video in that format... took till 5AM trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL is going on... oh well... it worked out and that's the main part... Why the hell did Chris cry when he saw it... I have no clue but thats funny....LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

on new hosting server... lets see how this goes

well first off blogger only allows classic template so I can't use my custom template I had for this site... which sucks... But now that its hosted on my own server.. I basically can do anything I want with it...

For today just leaving it as is, gotta work on other projects and already 12:52 AM gotta work on the site for my friend and have my portfolio ready for sending to the job agency to see if I can even apply for the job offer which I got from the head hunters.

What happen to Godaddy's hosting?
Tried it out, and had problems so trying another one out which I knew from past and reviews are still good. We'll see how this one goes, only problem with this one is it's not free so I have to find a way to keep the payments going for the hosting server to stay activated. I know I can do it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hosting files on godaddy while running website on another site.

Not stuff I normally post on this blog but just for future blog search hits if anyones looking for same solution.

My Situation:

  1. I have blogger running my site (this site) 
  2. I want to upload images and script files like php in a file hosting server
  3. I registered my domain through godaddy and they offer free hosting but comes with ads, so basically it's CRAP but you can store files and stuff... just once you rename the CNAME www to point to google the hosting doesn't work... 

Work Around.

  1. In GoDaddy create a Alias Host - like 'example' to point to the same IP as your default IP for @ in the domain manager.
  2. Now get the free hosting in Godaddy if you already didn't, sometimes hard to find... dunno why the hell Godaddy does this so you have to pay for it... when they offer free ticket for the free one (with ads) once you login to Godaddy the 2nd tab for 'Hosting' first link takes you to a page where you can use your free tickets to apply for the free hosting space.
  3. Once you setup the hosting service, get into the Subdomain manager and create a subdomain exactly same as the one you created in #1 for this example 'example'
  4. Wait around 45min-1hour for them to update the status on sub-domain activation
Now that you got a sub-domain working with the hosting you can access the files at going to the sub-domain address in this case and access any files uploaded to Godaddy's server, also GoDaddy allows PHP and MySQL database to run on your server so, in my case running a website from another site, I can write a AJAX code to retrieve the data resulted from the PHP... so in easy terms... can run database and other cool stuff from anywhere if you have enough knowledge of scripting :D 
Hope that helps some people... took me whole day to figure out how to use GoDaddy's free hosting service lol and had the damn thing for over 6 years now... orz 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

whats on my mind 09-16-09 .... hosting service for image storage/scripts/php.... not working... or too early says to wait 48 hours... only been 2 hours.... LOL.... WHY! orz orz orz.... I miss my own sloooooow server... was so good... 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dream - First Encounter??

Weird.... 2 days straight now... I see UFO/Extraterrestrial being. Don't remember the first dream too well but second one was something like.

I was in a school or some type of camp in a place covered in snow/ice. I'm looking outside the window and I see these fighter jet planes chasing a UFO and one of them bring the UFO down. UFO crashes into the snow and it goes deep below. My secret base camp is there so after everyone leaves I go near by to see what happened to the UFO. UFO's door is open and the extraterrestrial being is waiting for me, as I talk to him... and I talk to him like I would to normal friends... he takes me to another level below the ground and shows me a facility where humans and extraterrestrials do some testing?

There was a computer a 1 human and 1 alien per table, if the human smiles the alien smiles, if the human is sad then the alien is also sad. I was wondering why, and I was told by the alien that invited me there that aliens and humans are 'one' ...thats when I wake up from my dream.

The extraterrestrial being I saw looked similar to this one ""

Wasn't like Grey aliens where they are in suite... mehhhh.... I dunno what the hell I'm talking... at least I got down all the stuff I saw in my dream before I forget.... trippy/cool/scifi stuff...

Monday, August 31, 2009

whats on my mind 08-31-09

Happy B'Day My Wife!!
Happy B'Day My Wife!!
did I say... Happy B'Day My Wife!! ?
well... Happy B'Day My Wife!! ...

Meh have other stuff I want to share but will just leave it to that for today since... it's... Happy B'Day My Wife!!